Global transformers gathering (for our international guests)
May 16th - May 20th 2019
Flesseberg Gård, Øvre Eiker
lørdag 30. mar 2019

For a time like this, we believe the Lord puts on our hearts to gather the fivefold ministries to join in team and mobilize for the great harvest of souls. Ef4:11-13

"Don’t you have a saying, “It’s still four month until harvest”? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” John4:35

We believe it is vital for the Apostles and the Prophets to find grace to build godly connections with the Evangelists and the other Ministers, to build a team efficient in reaching cities and nations with the gospel of chance.

We feel a burden and need to gather and invite you for these reasons. This is a mission call to bring the Kingdom of God to cities and nations. This can be done by working shoulder to shoulder!

(All times are at Central European Summer Timezone - CEST)
16th of May Preparation day
08:00 Morning prayer and worship
We receive the first visitors and host them and will gather for prayers and worship and do some local sightseeing too. 

17th of May
08:00 Morning prayer and worship
We will celebrate the Norwegian national day, where we start at the farm with breakfast
We will provide a unique program for our international guests

18th of May
10:00 Morning prayer
17:00 Dinner
19:00 Opening session “Global transformers” (Webcasting

19th of May
08:00 Morning prayer and worship
10:00 Morning session (Webcasting)
11:30 Morning session II (Webcasting)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Vision and relation building gathering (Webcasting
17:00 Dinner
19:00 Evening session “Global transformers” (Webcasting

20th of May
08:00 Morning prayer and worship
10:00 Morning session I
11:30 Morning session II
13:00 Lunch

21 of May
08:00 Morning prayer and worship
10:00 Roundtrip with the international team

Accommodation: International team please make your reservations. We have only accommodation for a few of you at the farm. We can recommend Scandic Ambassadeur Hotell, Drammen (20min. drive) or Hokksund Camping (10 min drive)

Registration by email to: 
Telephone + 47 901 22 575

Who is Roaring Lambs (RL):

RL prophetic ministry is led by pastor and prophet Per Ivar Winnæss. 
Per Ivar Winnæss is married to Valentina and have six children. He started his ministry in the late eighties and was a prophet in the market place before he started the School of Prophetic ministry. He has a strong national prophetic and apostolic ministry but has also ministered in several countries like, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Estonia, Israel, Hong Kong, Korea and India.

RL is divided into following areas:

BL Media as, produces prophetic teaching and intercession TV programs, develops WEB resources, runs a publishing firm and produces prophetic music on CD/DVD 

Profetisk TV (Prophetic TV) is our brand for production of TV programs. All sessions held at our center will be webcasted at Central European Daylight saving timezone.

Utrustningssenteret 24/7 (Spiritual Equipping Centre 24/7), is an interdenominational resource centre. We run a School of Prophetic ministry, gives conferences, seminars and different kinds of courses at the School of Prophetic ministry, in other parts of Norway and in other countries. Our focus is the spiritual gifts, especially the prophetic ministry and the New Testament prophetic gifts. We encourage also creative gifts like art, dance and music for awakening and reformation in our nation. 

Menigheten 24/7 (The Church 24/7), is a gathering Centre for awakening and reformation. Through our local church we prepare and equip the saints for growth, being built on Jesus Christ’ teachings and the fivefold ministry in function. 

Who is the international team:

Pastor Billy Korea, Pastor Christina Hong Kong, Pastor Enuice, La, USA

All Nations Missional Alliance was first established with the planting of All Nations Disciple Church on May 17th, 2008. The missional statement of All Nations Missional Alliance (ANMA) is to plant 8000 missional churches and impart 100,000 missionaries across the globe. 

For this vision, we have continuously prayed for 10 years every Sunday at 7pm. And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have been able to spread the Gospel to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, the United States of America, the Philippines, Cambodia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, England, and Scotland. 

Our missional movement for 2019 is as follows: Hong Kong in March, Norway in May, South Korea in July, and Japan and Israel in October. 

This new year of 2019, ANDC and ANMA missions, street evangelism, and revival movements will continue to take place - until the last days of Jesus' coming. Praise the LORD for His faithfulness and His guiding fire, the Holy Spirit.


Our mail and street address is:

Roaring Lamb Prophetic Ministry
Flessebergveien 41
N-3302 Hokksund, Norway

Phone: + 47 901 22 575